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Sunday, January 11, 2009

we took a QUICK sidetrip to Belgium...

Well, it turns out that in Amsterdam, there is one casino group. If you work for the group, you cannot get into any of the casinos within 6 months of your termination. Damian and I found this out the hard way. Looking to make a few quick bucks last summer, Damian took a job at the main casino in Amsterdam as a cocktail waiter. From what I understand, the job lasted about 4 days - July 15th - 19th. This date is so precise because we were not allowed into the casino there, as the hold on Damian's name expires Jan 19. They check passports.

Defeated but still determined, we decided to take a quick trip to neighboring Belgium, as Brussels has a pretty nice casino (and, as it were, Christmas festival)! We booked a hotel, packed a bag, and took a drive south. I set both an upper and lower limit on my gambling, just as the Travel Channel advises on all of their vegas shows. I did have some exciting blackjack hands, like piggy backing one guy's hand and getting blackjack right away, or increasing my bet by a factor of 2, splitting, and winning both hands! Woo :) Ultimately, I did hit one of my limits, and diligently stopped.

Aside from the casino, we did ALL of the musts while in Belgium, and all in under 24 hours: beer, waffles, french fries, chocolate, brussels, and antwerp. Really efficient trip.

Anyway, enjoy some pics!

A bientot,

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